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Dear Investor,

Now that you’ve finished reading my report, I have two key questions for you:

When the K-Wave crests on Wall Street later this year, will you be sitting nervously on the sidelines wondering what to do…

Or reaping the potential profits as the Dow climbs to 45,000 and your own investments grow by 300% … 400% … even 500% or more?

Later, when the K-wave crashes into the U.S. economy, will you be among the millions of Americans wandering the streets looking for food …

Or will you be safe and secure with more money in your pocket than you ever dreamed possible?

The choice is yours.

But it’s a choice you must make TODAY.

Because the economic tsunami I described in my report will happen so fast, most investors won’t know what hit them until it’s too late. 

From the crest to the crash, this “roller coaster ride through hell” will take place in just 36 months or less. So you don’t have a minute to waste.

That’s why I’d like to put a free copy of “STOCK MARKET TSUNAMI: Catch the Crest and Escape the Crash” into your hands within the next few seconds.

When you accept a risk-free, trial subscription to my monthly bulletin, Wealth Megatrends, your membership includes immediate access to your free copy of Stock Market Tsunami and 4 additional free reports, PLUS 12 issues of Wealth Megatrends, twice daily issues of our regular e-mail updates, Flash Alerts on breaking news and more!

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It’s a free three-month subscription to our flagship service, Weiss Stock Ratings Heat Maps.

This groundbreaking stock rating system was ranked #1 in the nation by the Wall Street Journal. Every day, Heat Maps’ high-powered computer program sifts through more than 12,000 stocks to find the strongest, top money-makers. With Heat Maps, you can zero in on today’s best stocks, while keeping landmines out of your portfolio.

It’s the perfect complement to your Wealth Megatrends service, especially as this crisis unfolds. And when your Heat Maps subscription is up for renewal, we will notify you in advance and tell you the renewal rates then in effect.

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Because you can cancel in the last month … on the last day … in the very last minute of your subscription and GET ALL OF YOUR MONEY BACK.

You can keep all of the bonuses, benefits, and privileges you’ve received.

Nor will you hear a peep out of me, other than a hearty “thank you” for giving Wealth Megatrends a try.

And there’s never a renewal hassle with Wealth Megatrends. We will notify you 30 days before the end of your subscription. Then — only if you agree — we will charge your credit card at the lowest renewal rate in effect. This way, you’ll never miss an issue.  You’ll never miss a “Buy” or “Sell” signal.  You’ll never even have to respond to a renewal notice. And of course, you can cancel this automatic renewal plan at any time during your membership.

They say the world is made up of three kinds of people:

1) Those who make things happen …

2) Those who watch things happen …

3) And those who wonder what the heck just happened!

Now that you’ve read my report, you’ll know exactly what’s going to happen in the financial markets over the next few years and why.

The only question is this: Will you take advantage of it?

Will you be among the millions who are wiped out by the K-Wave and wondering what just hit them?

Or will you be among the fortunate few who ride the crest of that wave to a level of wealth and prosperity that would make King Tut green with envy.

The decision is yours. The time is NOW.

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