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As the K‑Wave moves through the global economy — from Europe, to Japan, to the United States … I’ll be in touch regularly to make sure you are positioned to take full advantage (and every precaution) as these seismic shifts take place.

You’ll get …

  • The right target prices for each trade …
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All in my monthly bulletin, Wealth Supercycle.

You’ll also get mid-month updates, and special “Flash Alerts” whenever there’s a change in the markets that calls for action on your part.

From the crest to the crash, the coming economic tsunami will roll across the globe in just 36 months or less. So you don’t have a minute to lose.

That’s why I’m putting a free copy of “STOCK MARKET TSUNAMI: Catch the Crest and Escape the Crash” into your hands the minute you start your 90-day trial subscription.

Here’s what you’ll find inside …

* Investments you should sell for cash immediately …

* Safe blue-chip stocks to buy for potential gains of up to 500% as the K-Wave begins to form …

* Easy ways to grow richer as the U.S. dollar grows stronger …

* Red hot U.S. Defense stocks to triple your money …

* Mining stocks most likely to multiply your money 30 times over as gold prices soar …

It’s a $79 value, and your gift from me, just for starting your trial subscription.

And with your subscription, you’ll also have special access to our elite members-only website. That’s where you’ll find FOUR MORE SPECIAL REPORTS to help you take advantage of every phase of the crisis.

FIRST, you could hit a jackpot when the European Union cracks apart.

And you can do it without shorting stocks or playing the currency markets.

In “EUROPE’S FALL IS YOUR GAIN,” you’ll get some simple strategies for making money on the collapse of the European Union.

If the stock markets in Europe plunge 60%, for example, we’ll show you an inverse ETF that could turn every $10,000 you invest into $28,000.

SECOND, you could score another jackpot when the K‑Wave strikes Japan.

Again, there’s no need for going short, buying options, or using any complex hedging strategies.

My report, “KAMIKAZE K‑Wave,” will give you the names of several blue-chip American companies that could take off when Tokyo tanks.

THIRD, you could hit another jackpot when the K‑Wave starts to crest in America.

Our “E-Wave Model” predicts the Dow will hit 45,000 by 2020.

But you can — and you must — do better than that if you want to be safe and secure when the K‑Wave crashes into America.

So in “FLIGHT CAPITAL FORTUNE,” you’ll find out how to amass a vast fortune in the last bull market of your lifetime.

Finally, “CASH IN ON THE K-WAVE CRASH” will show you how to protect — and even grow — your wealth when the K‑Wave finally crashes into the U.S. economy.

In it, you’ll find out how to protect your money from the prying eyes and greedy hands of a desperate government …

How to take full advantage of a precious metals market that could send the price of gold as high as $5,000 an ounce.

And how to buy the hard assets, inverse ETF’s, and rock-solid stocks that will prosper in the bloody aftermath of the K‑Wave crash.

Enjoy your Wealth Supercycle membership for a full 90 days. Read all the reports and any back issues that catch your eye.

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You won’t hear a peep out of me, other than a hearty “thank you” for giving Wealth Supercycle a try.

They say the world is made up of three kinds of people:

1) Those who make things happen …

2) Those who watch things happen …

3) And those who wonder what the heck just happened!

With Wealth Supercycle as your guide, you’ll have the edge on what’s going to happen in the financial markets over the next few years and why.

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