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  • The “Index Fund” of Undiscovered Cryptos(Bonus)
  • Video Tutorial Series: How to Buy Undiscovered Cryptos BEFORE Nearly All Other Investors (Bonus)
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Weiss Crypto Investor is our flagship crypto newsletter, offering the best crypto investment research available to the public.

New to cryptocurrency, or just looking for expert guidance to maximize gains while minimizing losses? Weiss Crypto Investor is the best place to start.

Each month, members receive fresh, hot money-making opportunities from one of the brightest crypto experts in the business:

One of the biggest crypto minds in the industry, Juan Villaverde

Juan Villaverde is the crypto researcher and advanced mathematician who’s the main architect of our crypto ratings model. Juan’s knowledge about cryptocurrencies is vast and his passion contagious.

Every month, Juan and his team will alert you to cryptos that could be poised for exponential growth.

He’ll also warn you about hyped-up cryptos that may look good on the surface, but that you shouldn’t touch with a ten-foot pole.

The minute you join, you’ll gain immediate access to:

Benefit #1: 12 monthly issues of Weiss Crypto Investor — You’ll learn which cryptocurrencies to invest in now and which ones to stay away from. In your monthly issues you’ll get in-depth market analysis, and overviews of new profitable trends. Plus, everything else you need to stay on the cutting-edge of this great money revolution.

Benefit #2: BONUS REPORT: Your Guide to Ethereum and Higher Crypto Yields.

Ethereum is an essential building block of Decentralized Finance and has had a long history of rising roughly three times more than Bitcoin — even before DeFi existed!

In this easy-to-follow guidebook, you’ll learn WHERE to buy Ethereum, WHEN to take profits, and best of all, how to use it to make instant, double-digit yields.

Benefit #3: BONUS REPORT: The Eyes and Ears of the World Computer.

This specific crypto feeds Ethereum real-time data on current prices from all the financial markets of the world. And the best part is it has surged NINE times more than Bitcoin and should continue to do so for years to come.

Benefit #4: BONUS REPORT:The “Index Fund” of Undiscovered Cryptos.

This undiscovered crypto gives you a stake in a diversified portfolio of cryptos that are themselves undiscovered – including some that could be like the next Bitcoins in terms of how much new wealth they create for investors.

Benefit #5: The Video Tutorial Series: How to Buy Undiscovered Cryptos BEFORE Nearly All Other Investors.

With this tutorial series, you’ll learn how to buy undiscovered cryptos through live trade examples right on your screen. We show you exactly where to go on the Web, which buttons to press and what precautions to take.

Benefit #6: Free bonus subscription to Weiss Crypto Daily — Every weekday, you’ll receive this timely briefing to help you navigate the fast-moving crypto market.

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