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The sudden demand and diminishing new supplies are about to send Bitcoin and select cryptocurrencies to record highs.

The last time this happened, Bitcoin surged nearly 3,000%.

Litecoin jumped nearly 8,000%. Ethereum skyrocketed 12,300%.

Other lesser-known cryptocurrencies produced even greater gains. And now it’s about to happen again.

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Super Crypto #1: 20,000 Times Faster than Bitcoin reveals the crypto that will rapidly process all kinds of transactions – from stocks, bonds, credit cards, supply chains and even insurance policies – without the need for a middleman. It will even allow government agencies to run their operations with maximum security from hackers, meddlers or cyberattacks.reveals the crypto that will rapidly process all kinds of transactions – from stocks, bonds, credit cards, supply chains and even insurance policies – without the need for a middleman. It will even allow government agencies to run their operations with maximum security from hackers, meddlers or cyberattacks.

Super Crypto #2: Thunder from the East reveals the cryptocurrency perfectly positioned to dominate the Chinese market. This super crypto can perform thousands of business applications Bitcoin cannot handle. It’s undervalued at 1/30th the market cap of Bitcoin. Plus, it pays the equivalent of 20% “dividends.”

Our #1 Crypto Stock to Buy Now: A Legal Currency Printing Press in your Basement reveals the little-known company that is the largest and lowest cost crypto miner in the world. With this stock, you get a slice of a large and fast-growing pile of crypto that could be worth a fortune as the crypto revolution accelerates.

You can easily buy shares in your standard brokerage account. And you can put it in your IRA, where it accumulates profits tax deferred.

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Two of the brightest crypto minds in the industry: Juan Villaverde (left) and Tony Sagami (right)

Each month, using our scientific ratings system, Weiss Ratings Crypto Investor brings you fresh, hot money-making opportunities in cryptocurrencies and stocks from two of the brightest crypto minds in the industry.

You can look forward to:

  • 12 monthly issues of Weiss Ratings Crypto Investor – Which cryptocurrencies to invest in now and which ones to stay away from. In-depth market analysis. Discussions and overview of new profitable trends. And everything else you need to stay on the cutting-edge of this technological revolution.
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  • Cryptocurrency Model Stock Portfolio – An up-to-date listing of our favorite cryptocurrency stock recommendations that could make your rich.
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Extra Bonus #1: Crypto Investing for Newcomers — A Step-by-Step Video Course for Crypto Investing. This in-depth video course tells you everything you need to know to get started with cryptocurrencies. You’ll learn what they are, why they’re so valuable, and how to invest in them step-by-step.

Extra Bonus #2: Facebook Killer: The Little-Known Cryptocurrency That pays You for your Posts. This new social media site is based on crypto technology. It will attract millions of users. For early investors, it could be like getting into Facebook when it first went public.

Extra Bonus #3: Free lifetime subscription to Weiss Crypto Alert. Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday you’ll receive this timely briefing keeping you on the cutting edge of all things crypto. You’ll get everything you need to navigate the fast-moving crypto market as it happens.

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— B.C, Editor of Oil & Energy Investment Report

“The cryptos with the highest Weiss Ratings have outperformed gold by a mile. With a small investment of just $3,000, you could have made over $200,000.”

— D.R., Editor, Renegade Gold Investor

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