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We are now at a pivotal point in history.

Right now, the traditional brick-and-mortar world is mired in the dark side, dragged down by forces beyond anyone’s control.

And at the same time, the DIGITAL world is rapidly leading us to the light side, where some very smart people are making enormous strides to ultimately get us out of the current mess.

But I believe this great divide presents you with a fantastic opportunity …

First, to free yourself — and your money — from the crushing blow the current crisis is delivering to huge swaths of our economy …

And second, to use that freedom to profit from the select few companies that we believe are immune from the economic fall-out and have the best potential to ultimately help save America from the current disaster.

Now I strongly believe a big part of this “great digital revolution” will unfold over the next two years — presenting the greatest dangers … and also the greatest profit opportunities.

The truth is, even before the shock waves of the pandemic began to sweep through society, we were already witnessing a massive shift of people and wealth from the brick-and-mortar world to the online world.

The International Data Corporation reported that Digital transformation spending — or DX as they call it — is projected to hit $7.1 trillion by 2023. And they say more than 50% of all IT spending is shifting toward digitization — right now.

A United Nations study says the digital economy continues to evolve at breakneck speed, driven by the ability to collect, use and analyze massive amounts of data about practically everything.

In fact, IP traffic — in other words, data flows on the Internet — has grown from about 100 gigabytes per day in 1992 to more than 45,000 gigabytes per SECOND in 2017. By 2022, it’s projected to reach 150,000 gigabytes per second.

Think about that. From 100 gig per DAY to 150,000 gig per SECOND. That means Internet usage will have expanded by nearly 13 MILLION percent.

But I believe this is just the start …

No one alive today has ever seen anything quite like this before. And so, most people are unable to grasp how much and how quickly this revolution can transform our world.

That’s why our goal with Weiss Technology Portfolio right now is to help you use this digital revolution to amass substantial wealth over time.

To help you avoid the pitfalls — and profit immensely — from one of the greatest disruptions in the history of mankind.

And who better to lead this service than investigative reporter turned tech analyst and double Pulitzer Prize winner, Jon Markman.

To our knowledge, Jon was the first analyst in the WORLD to write a book introducing investors to online investing, which was actually the title of the book — “Online Investing: How to Find the Right Stocks at the Right Time”, by Jon D. Markman, published by Microsoft.

He and his team developed a stock-screening and stock-selection system that was entirely run by computers. Called the “StockScouter”, that system became the heart and soul of MSN Money, where Jon was the first managing editor.

And for years Jon ran one of the most profitable tech hedge funds in the country — largely using his own quantitative model.

So simply put, Jon has the knack for spotting revolutionary tech companies ahead of most other people.

And coming back to Weiss Technology Portfolio again …

Over the years, this service has delivered long-term returns like:

  • 815% on Citrix Systems
  • 902% on Cognizant Technology Solutions.
  • 1,034% on Microsoft
  • 1,230% on Fair Isaac Corporation
  • 1,580% on Lam Research
  • 2,836% on Ansys, Inc
  • 3,450% on Tyler Technologies
  • 6,400% on IEH
  • 15,621% on Apple

… and many more!

So in my view, there’s no one better than Jon Markman … and no service better than Weiss Technology Portfolio … to help you get the maximum out of this digital revolution.

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Benefit #1. World-beating performance: Following the Weiss Ratings strategy, you could have made a total return of 2,397%, including both winners and losers. That’s enough to multiply your money nearly 25 times over. And it’s enough to generate an average annual return of 159.8%.

Benefit #2. Solid protection in bear markets: This alone can make the difference between a miserable, stressful retirement and truly enjoying the fruits of your labor!

Benefit #3. My personal commitment all the way: I’ve personally designed this strategy based on nearly five decades of real-time experience with the Weiss Ratings, and my father’s 60 years of stock analysis experience before that. I oversee the implementation of the strategy and I am personally investing my own money as well.

Benefit #4. Jon Markman, the man I have hand-picked to be Editor of Weiss Technology Portfolio. Mr. Markman is the man who managed the development of the world’s first online stock selection system, under Microsoft, when Bill Gates was running the company. And today, his documented, real-time track record is unbeatable.

Benefit #5. This strategy is suitable for your life savings, including IRAs and other retirement accounts: The Weiss Technology Portfolio is not designed for speculative funds or “play money.” It never uses options or futures. It invests strictly in solid, liquid stocks and some exchange-traded funds (ETFs).

Benefit #6. The FREEDOM to enjoy your life: Just a few minutes each week. Simply check your inbox every week for your Market Alert, and it will tell you in easy-to-follow, plain English what to buy or what to sell.

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