Here’s how to defend and even grow your
wealth in the face of China’s…

Stealth Attack on America

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COVID-19 has left America’s economy reeling. And with China waiting in the wings — ready to take advantage — you’re about to see jaw-dropping moves in EVERY financial market:

Stocks … bonds … currencies … gold … even the U.S. dollar itself.

Because a chain of events threatens to sink the U.S. economy far more than any pandemic.

It could be America’s Armageddon.

The shockwave will hit the U.S. dollar … ripple through the global economy … bring down stocks … devastate real estate values … and bankrupt a broad swath of Corporate America.

While millions of your fellow Americans will be blindsided by these events, you’ll be ready to leverage the situation for the benefit of you and your loved ones.

That’s why I’m so glad you’ve decided to join us as we meet the future head on through your membership in Wealth Megatrends.

As soon as you secure your money-back-guaranteed membership, you’ll immediately receive five invaluable guides that will help you prepare for the coming storm …

In your first report — “American Armageddon” — I show you how to immediately protect your savings, investments, real estate and everything you own.

You get the keys to defend your regular brokerage account, 401(k) or IRA.

You get powerful tools to insulate your stock portfolio, the value of your home and other real estate assets — no matter how bad things get.

Plus, you get specific instructions on how to MAKE money with investments that soar when the disaster strikes.

Your next free guide is as indispensable as the first …

In “AMERICAN HEROES: Make Money by Fighting Back,” you’ll find out how you can actually turn the tables on China by investing in five U.S. stocks that are poised to skyrocket … on China’s back.

American Hero #1: China is menacing our allies in the South China Sea and elsewhere. This U.S. aerospace company is at the forefront of America’s fight against foreign foes. And it’s ready to take on China’s rising military might.

American Hero #2: Cyberspace is the battlefield for a new kind of war. This U.S. cyber-defense company’s message to China’s cyberthugs: “Bring it on!”

American Hero #3: This U.S. biotech firm is ready to hand you handsome profits in the fight against the invisible enemy that’s done so much damage to America and her economy.

American Hero #4: Migration of manufacturing to China has exposed our country to serious risk in a time of national crisis. In your free report, I name the one U.S. consumer behemoth that’s shifting operations to safer shores.

American Hero #5: Chinese semiconductor makers are running 5 to 10 years behind us. And this American company is taking advantage of China’s dependency … in a BIG WAY.

Next up …

With the SARS-CoV2 virus spreading like wildfire from China, across the world and through the United States.

And the methods used to mitigate the spread of the virus acting like a wrecking ball on the economy …

Select stocks are riding megatrends that will only accelerate thanks to the “COVID Reset”.

In my new report, “7 Pandemic Stocks to Buy Now,” I reveal seven companies that will make the most of the world’s fight against the coronavirus … and the new opportunities to come after the virus has been licked.

Your next free report, “How to Go for Wild Gold Profits in 2021,” will be a godsend for you.

Not only do I detail the powerful forces now driving gold to $3,000, $5,000, and beyond … and why paper currencies are going to get flattened …

I also pull the cover back on the four best (and safest) ways to play the coming surge in gold … where you could see profits of over 300% in the coming year.

Finally, in your fifth free report, I show you how to build generational wealth in any market — stocks, bonds, currencies, gold, silver, commodities — without buying a single one.

It’s all in your free report, “The Windfall of a Lifetime.”

It’s all FREE with your money- back-guaranteed trial membership in Wealth Megatrends

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Everything you need to safely grow your wealth today.

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They say the world is made up of three kinds of people:

  1. Those who make things happen …
  2. Those who watch things happen …
  3. And those who wonder what the heck just happened!

Now you have a pretty solid idea of what’s going to happen in the financial markets and why.

The only question is this: Will you take advantage of it?

Will you be among the millions who are wiped out … wondering what just hit them?

Or will you be among the fortunate few who see the writing on the wall … and take the simple steps that could lead you to a level of wealth and prosperity that would make even Solomon green with envy.

The decision is yours.

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