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Our Crisis Profit Trader gives you nine enormous benefits:

Benefit #1. 52 weeks of Crisis Profit Trader recommendations at 50% off. In the past, we sold thousands of memberships for similar services for $5,000 per year. But with this offer, the cost is $2,500 per year, or 50% off.

And depending on how much you invest, just one of the AVERAGE trades from a single day could pay for an entire year of the service.

Benefit #2. $10,000 into $100,000. A detailed explanation of the remarkable investments that could turn $10,000 into $100,000 in a single crash day (even if it was only the fourth best trade that we identified).

Benefit #3. Continuing instant access to the most current Weiss Ratings Endangered Lists. Look up your stock, exchange-traded fund (ETF) or mutual fund to make sure they’re not in danger. Then, USE this to help improve your profit performance. As a Crisis Profit Trader Member, you’ll know when these companies are most vulnerable before nearly all other investors.

Benefit #4. Get started fast with these “BUY NOW” recommendations. Similar option setups in March and April could have handed investors 62 trades ranging from 100% to even 1,130% and more in as little as one day!

Benefit #5. EXACT recommendations for what to buy, when to buy, and when to sell for maximum gains and minimum risk Each recommendation will come with word-for-word instructions for entering the trade into your account, should you choose to do so.

Benefit #6. You won’t need more than a few minutes per week to execute this strategy! Thanks to our proprietary system and deep-dive analytics, you don’t have to waste time. We’ll tell you exactly which options to buy, at what price and when. Equally important, we’ll tell you when to sell to help maximize gains and minimize losses. Options are volatile investments, and losses are entirely possible. But with the purchase of options, you can never lose more than you invest.

Benefit #7. Opportunities to make money when the markets tank … AND when they explode to the upside! Our Weiss Ratings and analytics also identify stocks we believe are poised to jump with the next rally. For example, when a stock rises 5% or 10%, their call options could rise 50% or even 100%.

Benefit #8. Save $2,500 right now and every year you renew. You pay only $2,500 for your one-year membership, locking in this big 50% discount for as long as you remain a Member. Before your membership is coming up for renewal, we’ll let you know, give you plenty of time to cancel and then bill your credit card at the same discounted $2,500 rate. (You can opt out of this auto-renew feature any time.)

Benefit #9. Make 10 times your money in your first year or get a second year free. No one can guarantee performance. But after your first year of trades, if you can’t make 10 times your money by following the trading recommendations in Crisis Profit Trader, let us know, and we’ll give you a second year free, worth $5,000. That’s like a $5,000 credit to your account!

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Returning customer?

Our Weiss Stock Ratings and historical stock options database, derived from sources deemed reliable, support the following:

A hypothetical investor purchasing actively traded put options on stocks deemed vulnerable based on their Weiss Stock Ratings could have made average gains of 206% on April 26, 251% on April 28 and 324% on May 5. It’s assumed that the investor purchased the options at the closing price of the prior trading day and sold them at the closing price of the dates specified.

Commission costs may vary and are therefore not included. Moreover, Members should not expect consistent returns of this magnitude and should also be prepared for losing trades.

Although we believe that similar results are achievable in similarly sharp daily declines in the future, if the market declines at a slower pace, results could vary substantially from what is described. In addition, if investors hold put options while the market stages a significant recovery, they could lose money, as has occurred with some put options recommended by services similar to Crisis Profit Trader. With the purchase of options, it’s possible to lose the entire amount invested (plus commissions) but not more.

We’ve made a concerted effort not to use 20/20 hindsight to evaluate historical data. Moreover, we did not choose the options with the highest returns. Rather, we focused on those options that had a reasonable time remaining prior to expiration and strike prices that were within a reasonable distance from the current market price.

Weiss Ratings does not accept any form of compensation from rated companies or issuers. Weiss Ratings publishes its ratings based on publicly available data and does not consider requests by rated entities to suppress publication of a rating they may dislike or disagree with. Nor does Weiss Ratings provide a process to rated companies whereby they can appeal a downgrade prior to its release.

Although Crisis Profit Trader seeks to recommend investments with good market liquidity, as measured by trading volume and/or open interest, market liquidity can vary considerably due to changing market conditions. To help avoid a situation in which the buying or selling activity by Crisis Profit Trader Members aggravates the consequences of any market illiquidity, Weiss Ratings sets a maximum limit to the number of Members and may raise or lower that limit in response to changing market conditions.

The purchase of put options can be used as a hedging strategy for risk reduction and asset protection in falling markets. In addition, options can be used as a speculative strategy for relatively rapid growth. Investors seeking to use options should be aware that such strategies should be limited to funds they can afford to lose.

For a complete review of our Terms and Conditions, click here.

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