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  • One full year of trade alerts, including our upcoming signals to maximize the benefits of this big crypto bottom.
  • Advance notification of future market tops and bottoms based on our crypto timing model.
  • Advance access to upgrades and downgrades based on our crypto ratings model ($468 value).
  • One-on-one tech support to navigate crypto markets (worth thousands of dollars).
  • $250 in Ethereum. (Could cover entire cost of service and MORE.)
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Dear Investor,

Martin Weiss

Congratulations! If you’re reading this now, it means you’re moments away from getting the needed guidance to jump on the big bottom of the crypto market

A great turning point in history that our timing model says is HERE and that we predict will be one of the greatest profit opportunities of all time.

The last time Editor Juan Villaverde called a similar big bottom …

Bitcoin surged 20.1x …

Ethereum, our highest-rated crypto, rose 54-fold …

Cardano, also among our top-rated coins, rose 102x …

And Chainlink surged 234x!

This time around, although some of the names may be different, we predict the coming opportunity will be similar.

If you’ve attended our Zoom call, I trust that …

You know what the risks are: missing the big bottom … and of buying cryptos with a poor Weiss rating.

You know how to reduce or avoid these risks: how to identify the junk coins and buy strictly the best of the best … how to take advantage of our timing model to get in at better prices … and how to ride the bull market until the market gives the signal to hop off.

You know how to decide WHAT to buy and WHEN to buy.

And with all this know-how, you’re now empowered either to trade cryptos on your own … or, if you prefer, to take full advantage of our continuing guidance, with our premium VIP service, Weiss Crypto Portfolio.

If you choose the latter, we’ll do the heavy lifting for you.

We’ll tell you WHAT to buy — not only based on our crypto ratings, but also on all the unpublished data and indicators that make up our crypto ratings model.

We’ll tell you WHEN to buy — not only based on the cycles we shared with you on the call, but also based on the complex algorithms used by our crypto timing model.

The historical data is solid:

If investors bought Bitcoin when Juan declared the bottom in December 2018 to its peak in 2021, they could have seen gains of 1,908%, or 20.1x their money.

A $10,000 initial investment could have
grown into as much as $200,832.

If they bought Ethereum on the same day, they could have seen a gain of 5,357%, or 54x their money.

A $10,000 investment could have grown into
as much as $545,760.

If they bought Cardano, they could have seen gains of 12,592%, or 102x their money.

A $10,000 investment could have grown into
as much as $2,289,850.

And with Chainlink, they could have put the gains in Bitcoin, Ethereum or Cardano to shame. Instead of 20.1x, 54x or 102x, they’d be looking at 234x …gains

Enough to transform $10,000 into as much as

We do not presume to call the exact bottoms and tops all the time. However …

Our crypto ratings model has proven to be a powerful tool to help select the highest quality cryptos, and …

Our crypto timing model has a proven track record for identifying the market’s critical turning points.

As a result, since we launched Weiss Crypto Portfolio in the first quarter of 2018, a member who faithfully followed all Juan’s cryptocurrency signals would have made a total of 50 trades with an average gain of 113%.

That includes all open and closed trades and all winners and losers.

What’s more, it covers a period with two big bear markets (when most other crypto investors lost a lot of money) and only one bull market (which most other crypto investors missed).

I consider that a great track record: 50 trades with AVERAGE gains of 113% per trade.

All in a period that included two deep bear markets.

If you want to join now, jump here. Or consider the fact that, in effect …

I’m Going to Pay for Your First Crypto Trade

That’s right!

When you secure one of the spots we’ve reserved inside the Weiss Crypto Portfolio today, I’m going to give you $250 in Ethereum.

Of course, what you do with it is entirely up to you. You could convert it into another cryptocurrency or just cash it in. But if you decide to keep it …

No promises or guarantees! But we predict that in the coming bull market, the price of Ethereum will rise at least 20x. If our forecast is halfway right and it goes up only 10x, it could cover the entire cost of Weiss Crypto Portfolio for one year.

And that’s just ONE of the VIP benefits you get.

Here’s a complete summary of all benefits …

VIP Benefit #1.

One full year of Juan’s trade alerts with precise “Buy” and “Sell” instructions based on our proprietary crypto ratings model and our proprietary crypto timing model.

For the big bottom, you’ll get Juan’s first new “Buy” signals for each and every crypto that belongs in a well-diversified portfolio.

And you will also get his second signal when he has solid confirmation that each of them is on its way.

In case you want to buy more, he’ll send you alerts every time the market hits an 80-day low.

And whenever he sees a major top in the market, you’ll get alerts aiming to take profits off the table.

VIP Benefit #2.

Protection against downside risk — by avoiding cryptos with low Weiss ratings and avoiding sharp intermediate declines in the market that are identified by our crypto timing model.

VIP Benefit #3.

Access to one-on-one tech support. We can’t give you investment advice tailored to your individual needs. But we will give you as much help as we can to open your crypto exchange account, to navigate the crypto world and to answer any questions you may have about the recommended trades.

This support service alone could cost thousands of dollars elsewhere. But with your membership in Weiss Crypto Portfolio, it’s yours as an extra bonus.

VIP Benefit #4.

Premium access to all our Weiss crypto ratings. That includes our ratings on over 1,000 cryptos, with our list of upgrades and downgrades, delivered to your inbox BEFORE they’re released to the public.

Countless investors have paid $468 per year for this service alone. But as a member, you get it as an EXTRA bonus.

VIP Benefit #5.

A huge 50% discount. In the past, we sold thousands of memberships to our trading services for $5,000. And considering the profit potential, I think Weiss Crypto Portfolio would be a bargain at that price.

However, on this special occasion, I’ve decided to give you an unusually large discount of 50%, available strictly now with this offer.

So, your total, all-in price for all these benefits (and more) is just $2,500 for a full year of trades. You save $2,500 right off the bat.

VIP Benefit #6.

The same huge 50% discount for as long as you remain a member. That means when you renew, you get the privilege of saving $2,500 every single year.

When your subscription is up for renewal, you’ll be notified ahead of time, given the opportunity to cancel, and if you don’t respond, you’ll be charged $2,500 for the following year. (You can opt out of this auto renewal feature any time.)

VIP Benefit #7.

$250 in Ethereum. To help get you started, I will effectively PAY for your first trade. I’ll give you $250 in Ethereum as part of our membership.

VIP Benefit #8.

Total transparency. I’ve set aside $100,000 of my own money to invest alongside you and to share with you my trading statements on our members-only website.

I’ll follow all the same trading instructions we send to you, with one difference. I’ll always wait at least two hours before executing each trade. That gives you the opportunity to buy before I buy and always to sell before I sell.

Let me remind you that I’m putting my
own money behind this in two ways.

First, as I said, I’m giving you a stake in Ethereum, and if our prediction of the future is just halfway right, that alone could cover the entire cost of this service for a year.

Second, I’m investing my own money in all the same trading instructions we send you.

But please bear in mind that this opportunity is limited in space and time.

And in terms of time, all our research tells us that the big bottom is near, and we’re approaching THE best time window for buying.

The choice is yours. You can apply the know-how we’ve shared with you and do it entirely on your own. Or you can join us in the Weiss Crypto Portfolio. No matter what, the crypto market won’t wait for you, me or anyone else.

Once the big crypto bottom is behind us, we predict that you won’t see a better buying opportunity ever again.

So, whichever path you choose, whether it’s on your own or with our guidance, do not miss this opportunity.

Good luck and God bless!

Martin Weiss

Martin D. Weiss, PhD
Founder, Weiss Ratings

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