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Here are the wealth-building benefits you’ll get when you begin your premium membership — all for just 19 cents per day:

Benefit #1. One full year of Safe Money Report (normally $129).


By Mike Larson, Weiss Ratings’ lead expert on safe investing. You get 12 monthly issues in your inbox, giving you specific “buy” and “sell” recommendations, plus instructions on …

  • How to find the highest-yielding, low-risk investments in the world.
  • Which stocks are most vulnerable to the next black swans.
  • Which stocks are most likely to soar despite the crisis, or even BECAUSE of the crisis.
  • ETFs designed to go up whenever the market goes down.
  • Plus, much, much more.

Benefit #2. One full year of Safe Money Print Edition


You not only get your issues electronically, but you also get the hard copy editions delivered to your home or office via first class mail each month.

This benefit alone is worth an extra $39.

Benefit #3. The Weiss Ratings Endangered Stocks List ($79 value).

If you hold stocks or stock mutual funds — in your regular brokerage account, in your 401(k) or in your IRA — start selling the ones we’ve identified as the most vulnerable to the next black swans.

In the market decline during the Great Debt Crisis, for example, investors could have used our ratings to avoid 385 stocks that fell 90% or more in value. And on average, the stocks that were on our endangered list when the crisis began lost more than two thirds of their value.

This time around, the most vulnerable are different names in different sectors. But you can find out exactly which ones they are simply by checking our special bonus report, The Weiss Ratings Endangered List.

In it, Safe Money editor Mike Larson gives you a complete list of all the stocks, ETFs and mutual funds with our lowest ratings — investments I wouldn’t touch with a ten-foot pole.

Benefit #4. Instant Income Revealed ($79 value).

Imagine an investment strategy that has generated about $1,000 in extra cash flow almost every Friday.

That could add up to $50,000 per year …

And imagine a success rate of 98% on your trades.

Well, you don’t have to just imagine anymore. Because we feel it’s an appropriate solution to overcome the terrible low yields that continue to plague the financial world.

Our Safe Money Report editor, Mike Larson explains exactly how in his special report, Instant Income Revealed.

Benefit #5. The Weiss Guide to Prudent Gold & Silver Investing ($79 value).

Since my family began recommending $20 gold coins in the early 1930s, the price of gold has risen 9,595%.

Better yet, if some of my father’s clients had bought one of my father’s favorite gold coins at the time — the St. Gaudens $20 gold coin — and their family had kept it in good condition until today, they could have seen it appreciate to an estimated $42,000. That’s a gain of 206,288%.

Plus, in more recent years, since Safe Money Report first began recommending gold bullion coins and bars in our monthly newsletter, gold has risen by 459%. An initial investment of $10,000 is worth $55,000 today.

Plus, did you know that, by using only dealers that give you the lowest markup on bullion bars and coins, you can effectively get some extra “free” gold and silver.

We show all the ins and outs of precious metals investing in this guide.

Benefit #6. Crash Profits: How to Protect Your Portfolio in Down Markets ($79 value).

Learn how to profit directly from a stock market crash. The faster and deeper the market falls, the more money investors stand to make.

During the Great Debt Crisis, for example, the S&P 500 fell by more than half, and most investors lost fortunes. But there was also a minority of investors who owned inverse ETFs, designed to go up whenever stocks go down. On average, while the S&P fell 56%, these ETFs went up 126%, and not a single one lost money. Meanwhile, the potential crash profits using put options can be even greater.

In this special report, you will learn all about crash profits: How you can use them to hedge against losses in any stocks, real estate or other assets you may own. And if you have some extra money you can afford to risk, how they can be used to build wealth rapidly when markets are falling.

Benefit #7. How to Move Your Money off the Grid and Keep It Safe ($79)

Desperate governments do desperate things.

Already, they’ve manipulated interest rates recklessly, printed money with wild abandon and, in some countries and U.S. states, even confiscated the savings of bank depositors.

The next bombshell? Experts predict the Fed will create a central bank digital currencies — to gain even greater surveillance and control over your financial life, and possibly much more.

In this report, we show you how to move your money off the grid and keep it safe. We provide a complete, step-by-step guide on…

  • What assets to buy…
  • Where to buy them, and
  • How to take physical possession and keep them safe from prying eyes.

This way, your assets will not be controlled by any government, not subject to Fed money printing, and not devalued by central bank manipulations of any kind.

Benefit #8. The World’s Leading Resource Companies ($79 value).

Learn how to move some of your money off the grid. Move to a new class of assets that are not controlled by any government, that are not subject to Fed money printing, or central bank manipulations of any kind — assets that do not fluctuate wildly in value and that you take into your direct possession, without any intermediaries. No banks. No brokers. No middlemen between you and your money.

Benefit #9. One year membership (365 issues) to Weiss Ratings Daily e-letter (priceless).


Delivered to your inbox every day of the year, this priceless email alert brings you our analysis of the latest news … warnings of likely black swan events on the horizon … and guidance on not only how to avoid them, but also how to turn them into profit opportunities.

The Weiss Ratings Daily also gives you access to timely video interviews with the Weiss experts, in-depth webinars and virtually everything you’d want to become a more successful investor in these trying times.

Benefit #10. Premium Access to 56,000 Weiss Ratings ($228 value).


With your premium membership, you get around-the-clock access to our very latest Weiss Investment Ratings (update daily) on …

  • 10,000 common stocks
  • 2,400 ETFs
  • 26,000 mutual funds, and
  • 1,600 cryptocurrencies

You get 24/7 access to our most recent Weiss Safety Ratings (updated quarterly) on …

  • 4,800 banks
  • 5,000 credit unions, and
  • 3,600 insurance companies

You get upgrade and downgrade alerts to your inbox on your choice of any of the 56,000 companies or investments.

And you get power tools to create your own “buy” lists, “sell” lists and watchlists.

All told, for only $68, you get a total value of $870. YOU SAVE $802.

Plus, when you join now, you also get two extra benefits …


When your subscription is up for renewal, we will notify you ahead of time, give you ample opportunity to cancel, and unless you tell us not to, we will renew your subscription. This way, you are assured no interruption in your service, and you always get the lowest regular renewal rate available. (You can opt out of this benefit whenever you wish.)

Extra Benefit #2. 100% MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE.


Plus, if you are not satisfied for any reason, you may cancel and receive a full, 100% refund at any time in your first year, including up to the very last day of your membership. (Just email us at [email protected] or call toll-free at 1-877-934-7778).

And you may keep all your special reports and all the Safe Money issues you’ve received — my “thank-you” for giving our Safe Money Report a try.

All told, for only $68, you get a total value of $870. YOU SAVE $802. To join now, simply click here.

Good luck and God bless!

Martin D. Weiss, PhD
Weiss Ratings Founder