DeFi MasterClass

How to Earn High Yields and Make Big Profits Starting Immediately

Now, for the first time ever, you can quickly master the new world of decentralized finance, learning how to go for …

  • 134x 260x Better Yield on Your Deposits (or More)
  • 6x Hedge-Fund Returns on Your Investments
  • Even Larger Profits on Your Speculative Funds

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BREAKING NEWS: Celsius Suspends Yield Payments on New Deposits by U.S. Residents. (But this is far better!)


Bad news for U.S. investors? Quite the contrary! All those who have followed our DeFi MasterClass to make deposits on Celsius will continue to earn the same high yields as before. And for all new investors, we’ve found an even better yield opportunity: Instead of making 134 times the yield banks offer, you can now make 260 times the yield. All with stablecoins! And all with a decentralized organization that’s not subject to suspensions! We give you all the details in our new, just-released report, How to Avoid Crypto Crashes and Earn 19.5% (free with your DeFi MasterClass).

Dear Investor,

Chris Coney

There’s only one place in the world today where you can make 260 times better yield on your savings without exposing your principal to price declines in the market.

There’s only one place where you can immediately put your investment money to work for you, earning 6x the average returns of hedge funds.

And for money you can afford to lose, there’s only one place where we’ve seen so many recent examples of extremely large percentage gains, including …

  • 1,381% in 12 months
  • 2,294%, also in 12 months
  • 65,586% in 11 months, and
  • 103,924% in just 10 months.

I’m talking about the new, rapidly emerging world of decentralized finance, or DeFi for short.

It’s not hard. But you can’t just snap your fingers and walk in. It’s new. It’s different. And it takes some learning.

That’s where I come in.

I’m Chris Coney, founder of Cryptoversity plus a close partner with Weiss Ratings.

And today, I’m delighted to announce that I’ve just opened the first-ever DeFi MasterClass, giving you step-by-step instructions on how to achieve three basic goals:

  • For your savings: 19.5% or 260 times more than you can make in an average money market account at a U.S. bank.)
  • For your investments: 65% annual returns available immediately, or six times what you can make in the average hedge fund.
  • On your speculative funds: How to go for profit opportunities of up to 65,586% (or even more) in 11 months. How to do this without using a penny of your principal.

This is revolutionary. And it’s why I call it the …

DeFi MasterClass
How to Earn High Yields and Make
Big Profits Starting Immediately

(To join now, go here.)

My MasterClass includes 30 quick-and-easy videos that walk you through each step painlessly. I show you …

  • How to buy small DeFi coins with huge growth potential BEFORE they’re listed on major exchanges.
  • How to spot bogus coins immediately … and how to make sure the coin you buy has a true chance of becoming the next 1,000% winner.
  • How to lend and borrow money via DeFi platforms.
  • How to defer any taxes that you might have.
  • How to stack yields and profits in three different layers, giving you the opportunity to multiply your earnings in three different ways.
  • How you could get free tokens dropped into your account with the future potential to be worth tens of thousands of dollars.
  • Plus, much, much more.

Each of my 30 training videos is only about 5 to 10 minutes long.

You could run through them in a single weekend and be ready to start by Monday. Or you could take as much time as you wish.

But you don’t have to finish my MasterClass to start earning the high yields. In fact, you can jump into your first high-yield opportunity immediately, even before watching module 1, section 1 of my MasterClass.

That’s because, as a free bonus for joining my MasterClass today, I also give you a complete package of four special reports, including my quick start guide to turbocharge your yields right away.

Overall, the benefits are enormous:

Benefit #1. My complete DeFi MasterClass, including five training modules of 30 short videos. I walk you through each step quickly and easily to go for all the high yields and big profits that only DeFi can offer.

Benefit #2. An immediate head start with my special report, “How to Avoid Crashes and Earn 19.5%.” This new report offers a tested and proven method for earning 19.5% yields on stablecoin deposits. Our founder Dr. Martin Weiss is so confident in this new high-yield opportunity that has personally deposited $100,000 of his own money into it, enough to earn $20,000 per year in yields! You’ll get step-by-step instructions for how to do this yourself inside.

Benefit #3. Reduce transaction costs from $50 to just pennies by watching my extra bonus video module “DeFi Supercharger.”

Benefit #4. Our continuing guidance in three ways:

  • A free one-year membership in my Sunday Specials, Crypto Focus — 50 video interviews with DeFi and crypto experts per year.
  • A free one-year membership in Weiss Crypto Investor — 12 monthly issues of the best DeFi research and investment recommendations from the Weiss Ratings team. And if you already subscribe to Weiss Crypto Investor, all the better! You’ll get a FULL YEAR beyond your current expiration date, also for FREE — a savings of $129 from the usual renewal cost.
  • A free one-year membership in Weiss Crypto Daily — alerts delivered to your inbox with daily news and analysis on all things crypto.

Benefit #5. Three additional reports, each introducing a new DeFi blue-chip opportunity:

  • DeFi Blue Chip No. 1: The NYSE of DeFi
  • DeFi Blue Chip No. 2: The Bridge Between the DeFi World and the Real World
  • DeFi Blue Chip No. 3: The Largest Money Market in DeFi

Benefit #6. A huge discount if you join today!

Just look at the tremendous value you get …

These very timely resources will be sold separately for a total of $1,928.

But if you join me today, you get the entire package for just $599.

That’s over 70% less than others will pay.

Benefit #7 is my promise to you: If, at any time in the next year you’re dissatisfied for any reason whatsoever, let us know, and we will give you a full credit on every penny you’ve paid. That way you could apply your $599 to the wide range of other Weiss Ratings products and services in any asset class or sector.

To join now, simply fill out the information below.

Or call us at 877-934-7778, Monday through Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. Eastern.

Best wishes,

Chris Coney
Founder of Cryptoversity and
creator of DeFi MasterClass

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DeFi MasterClass

  • 30 quick-and-easy videos worth $995
  • Yield Supercharger video worth $199
  • Three 1-year memberships worth $318

Total value: $1,928. You pay only $599!
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