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Dear Investor,

The most devastating energy crisis we’ve seen in 50 years is spreading like wildfire …

Rolling blackouts across the American West, gas price protests in Europe and major Asian cities gripped by endless riots …

Time and again, when these energy crises flare up, it’s always one group that winds up with the bulk of the riches — ultra-wealthy oil magnates, energy conglomerates and Saudi oil sheikhs …

Now, starting today, it’s about time the average Joe investor has an opportunity to get a share of that wealth …

All by investing in the one single stock that we think is best placed to ride the coming trillion-dollar oil disruption.

The last time a similar setup occurred in the markets, gains of 2,248%, 2,043% and even 2,645% were delivered “in the blink of an eye” …

This time, our research says the gains are likely primed to be even bigger …

So, when you join today, you’ll discover what we believe is the #1 stock set to soar in the weeks and months to come on the back of today’s oil disruption.

Here are the seven benefits you’ll receive when you begin your premium membership:

Benefit #1: One full year of Disruptors & Dominators (usually $129)

From Tony Sagami, twice rated “Portfolio Manager of the Year” by Thomson Financial, you get 12 monthly issues delivered directly to your inbox. Each month he lays out his research and dives into the details on new disruptive opportunities on the horizon. These are undiscovered gems that could increase your chances of securing outsized gains in the months to come.

Benefit #2: How to Profit From the Coming $8.1 Trillion Oil Disruption ($129 value)

Right now, all the pieces are in place for a $8 trillion disruption to rip across the global oil market.

Just this year alone some oil explorer stocks have begun making incredible moves in advance of the coming disruption:

  • Consol Energy – 225%
  • Scorpio Tankers – 238%
  • BP Prudhoe Bay Royalty Trust – 451%

The last time we saw something similar, the little guy was left out in the cold, while Wall Street fat enjoyed most of the 30x gains.

All that could change with today’s opportunity.

Inside this report, Tony Sagami reveals how everyday investors can participate in the disruption A.I.R. will unleash across the oil market.

You’ll discover the name, ticker symbol, plus all the research on why he believes this is the #1 stock to own for the months and years to come.

Right now, regular investors can pick up the stock for just a few dollars a share … but we don’t expect this historic bargain to be sitting around much longer.

With the speed of change in today’s energy markets, even waiting a few days could make a massive difference …

Benefit #3: My #1 Secret to Investing in Autonomous Vehicles ($79 value)

The same technology behind A.I.R. will soon be brought to the world of autonomous vehicles.

And when that happens, be prepared for it to change everything.

Small makers once considered too small to make a difference will get a shot at dethroning giants like Tesla, Uber, and other AV makers …

And this special report provides you all the details on the #1 stock Tony believes is best positioned to profit from this huge disruption.

Benefit #4: Resource Millionaires ($79 value)

Think the tech powering A.I.R. will be limited to oil, gas or even autonomous vehicles?

Think again.

As you read this, some of the biggest names in gold, lithium and silver exploration are already pouring billions into this space …

They’re inking deals with AI companies that will help pinpoint metals across South America, Africa and even right here in the U.S.

And inside this report you’ll get the name, ticker symbol and buy-in price of the one stock Tony believes is best positioned for this opportunity.

Benefit #5: The Oil-Rig Maker Primed for Explosive Growth ($79 value)

This new report has never been released to the general public. Inside, you’ll discover why the small trickle of oil exploration companies will soon turn into an absolute flood and how it could send the fortunes of one Texas-based oil rig owner soaring for storybook gains.

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Chris Graebe,
Editor, Disruptors & Dominators