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The new industries rebuilding America’s economy are handing investors fat profits right now, not in some distant future. Some of best opportunities exist in stocks that have already made investors profits of 268%… 296%.. 348%… and even 2,170% just in the past 12 months alone. In this valuable free report, you’ll discover how you could profit from innovative new companies with products and services that didn’t even exist six months ago. You’ll discover  new industries that are already seeing record profits — along with the names of the companies dominating these industries right now. This is nothing less than a road map to the potential Apple… Netflix… or Amazon of the future.

Free Report #2: COVID Millionaires: Getting Rich from Pandemic Stocks

The global vaccine market prior to COVID -19 was already close to $13 billion. And now analysts estimate that products and services to curb the spread of viruses could explode to $50 billion very rapidly. In this essential investing blueprint, you’ll discover how the fight against the COVID pandemic has already made early investors between 307% and 2,100% profits in just the past few months alone … and how that could be merely the beginning. This bonus investing blueprint reveals the one company that stands to make early investors millions of dollars in profits no matter which vaccine ultimately proves to be the most successful.

Free Report #3: Drone Delivery: Mega-Profits from America’s New Drone Stocks.

Drone delivery will soon be the norm for shipping. Analysts predict the market for drone delivery will soar from $68 million in 2019 to $27 billion by 2030, an average annual growth rate above 30%. In this report, you’ll discover the company that lies at the heart of the drone delivery revolution in North America — a drone logistics company that could soon be feeding billions of packages to drone fleets run by Amazon, Walmart and FedEx.

Free Report #4: Contactless Payment Blockbusters

Every decade or so, a new payment solution comes along that utterly transforms retail sales, helping  early investors make not-so-small. Paypal was one (Weiss Ratings recommended it at $39.69 and it soared 400% to $204 per share.) Square is another example (up 135% in 2020). Now, in this report, you’ll discover how contactless payment represents another major revolution in retail sales with or without a pandemic. It could be like investing in Square when it sold for only $8 a share.

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Since its founding in 2014, Disruptors & Dominators has helped everyday investors go for windfall profits by investing in the stocks of America’s most innovative and profitable companies.

Everything you need to cash in on the greatest profit opportunities of your lifetime.

  • Tony Sagami’s Complete Saving America Portfolio — A comprehensive collection of specific recommendations for profiting from the post-COVID boom, including details on each recommendation, recommended buy and sell targets, and more. Normally, each of these detailed investing blueprints would sell for $79 each. But as a new member of Disruptors & Dominators, you get all 4 blueprints — a $316 value — FREE!
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  • Flash Alerts — Certain hot events require that he contact you immediately to take advantage of special opportunities. So, when there is a developing trend or event between monthly issues, you’ll get a Flash Alert that gives you a complete, detailed report on how you can take advantage of the situation and maximize your profit opportunities.
  • Heirloom Stocks for the Future — These are the sorts of investments that you buy and almost never sell, the stocks that could make you and your grandchildren wealthy. Tony’s disruptors and dominators approach identifies stocks that are rising quickly now but also have tremendous long-term growth potential.
  • Members-Only Weiss Ratings Website: In the password-protected website, you get a variety of advanced money-making tools that could help you profit even more from Tony’s latest blockbuster recommendations. These include access to the complete Saving America portfolio with updated target prices, market summaries, back issues of all newsletters and hotlines, all special reports, videotaped teleconferences, detailed company profiles and analysis, and lots more. Other investing websites charge up to $494 annually for access to these tools but they’re yours FREE the moment you activate your membership.
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