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Our stock ratings have helped deliver major profits for investors in the field of AI.

Take Nvidia, for example, the biggest AI chipmaker.

In the first half 2023, after Wall Street finally discovered it, Nvidia shares rose 191%, truly a big win.

But our Weiss stock ratings identified Nvidia as a “Buy” way back in 2011, and investors who bought it then could have seen gains of 9,624%.

Meanwhile, investors who recently bought another AI stock based on our “Buy” rating could have enjoyed gains of 810%. That was ASML.

On Lam Research, they could have done even better: gains of 3,146%.

And if folks bought Ansys when we first recommended it, they’d be up 5,466%.

What has driven this explosion in AI profits? Recently, it was mostly ChatGPT, an app that reached 100 million users in just two months flat.

That’s 15 times faster than Instagram, 27 times faster than Facebook and 96 times faster than smartphones.

In fact, it’s faster than any app in history.

But ChatGPT is just scratching the surface of what generative AI can do. New ways of using AI and new, improved versions of the AI are hitting the market every day.

AI is taking orders at McDonald’s. The military is studying AI programs that can fly multiple planes at once. AI has found a way to improve the search for oil, gold and natural resources. Even personalized medicine and precision treatments for cancer are possible because of AI.

This is why PricewaterhouseCoopers estimates AI could add $15.7 trillion to the global economy by 2030.

It’s why Bill Gates says artificial intelligence is “as fundamental as the computer chip, the internet and the PC.”

And it’s why I’m especially proud to introduce you to our Weiss Ratings expert who was among the very first to see this coming.

Weiss Ratings Tech Genius
and AI Expert Jon Markman

Jon Markman began his tech career at Microsoft in the days when Bill Gates ran the company. He worked directly with their software geniuses to create a computerized, algorithm-based stock picker, called StockScouter. And StockScouter became the heart of Microsoft’s money website, MSN Money, where Jon was the managing editor.

But that was just the prelude to Jon’s illustrious career at Weiss Ratings.

Soon after he joined us 10 years ago, Jon became one of the first tech analysts in the world to predict four major tech megatrends: mobile computing, big data, autonomous vehicles, new medical technologies and, yes, artificial intelligence.

In 2019, three years before AI burst onto the scene with ChatGPT, Jon clearly predicted this new phase of the AI boom.

It was at the Money Show in Las Vegas. Thousands of investors attended. And Jon’s PowerPoint presentation, “Profiting from the AI Revolution,” not only predicted what’s happening now, but also pinpointed some of the biggest winners. All thanks to his long years of experience and our stock ratings.

So, you’ve seen the profit power of our ratings. And you’ve seen the tech genius of Jon Markman.

Now, it’s time for you to harness our expertise applied to AI opportunities and grab the chance to …

Grow Your Wealth Rapidly in the AI Tech Explosion

To achieve this goal, you need to strike while the trend is still in its early stages like now.

You need to know which AI-related stocks are just hype and fluff …

Which AI stocks have already seen most of their gains …

And which ones we believe are now on the verge of leading the second phase of this great transformation.

That’s why I’ve arranged for you to receive all the intelligence you urgently need with a series of custom benefits …


Our four extremely timely bonus reports that you can download instantly today.

The #1 AI Stock for 2024 to Buy Now (sold separately for $79)

In this report, author Jon Markman not only maps out the immense future potential of AI, but he also names the one company that can give investors what he believes are the greatest and safest potential gains of all.

He shows how AI is about to enter a new phase, with a different set of companies leading the way.

And with the help of the Weiss AI stock ratings, he has homed in on this one stock in particular.

The company recently inked a deal with Nvidia. And the revenue from that deal could be far more than what’s been reported. But that’s just the beginning of the full story you will learn in #1 AI Stock for 2024 to Buy Now.

My Pick for the #1 AI Software Stock Today (sold separately for $79)

The company’s software is powering the Ukrainian defense, city traffic systems worldwide even wind turbines. And we believe their shares are poised to lead the way among all AI software companies.

My Pick for the #1 AI Stock for Big Data (sold separately for $79)

This is the company that could gain the most from the growth explosion we’re seeing in the data. Remember: In its essence, AI is the processing of Big Data at warp speed.

Already, new data is generated at 10 times the speed of just one year ago. This is why the demand for cloud servers and data storage is through the roof. And it’s also why this stock is on our list of the biggest potential winners.

My Pick for the #1 Pharma Stock Powered by AI (sold separately for $79)

We predict this company will be among the first to reap the rewards of AI’s breathtaking impact on disease detection and precision medicine treatments.

It’s already at the forefront of major breakthroughs in the field of AI-assisted medicine. Yet, I know of no prominent analyst who has even mentioned its name.

Household AI: The Only Company That Can Bring AI to 100 Million American Households
(sold separately for $79)

The explosive growth we’ve just seen in AI-related companies started primarily in the business community. And new users have been mostly professionals or folks that deploy it for greater efficiency in their job.

But among 100+ million households in America, only a small percentage has noticed a significant change in their daily lives that’s driven by recent advances in generative AI.

The company we introduce in this extra bonus report is probably the only one that’s in a position to bring AI to the millions of American households. In fact, it’s already been doing so for several years.

Just recently, its net income more than doubled. And despite this rapid growth, it currently trades at an insanely low valuation.

It’s sitting on billions in cold cash ready to deploy right now. And all this gives savvy investors the chance to get in well before the crowd.

In each and every one of these four special reports, Jon includes everything you need to know about the companies, and how to invest in them with the best chance of success.

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Our Weiss Ratings Daily alerts.

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